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Dunkle Unkin's For Kids cannot be held responsible if your computer or the computer of the recipient of Santa's Message is not equiped with a proper version of Real Audio. If you would like to find out if the recipient of your message will be able to hear the message send them an email asking that they visit This Website. If they can hear the music playing here then they will be able to hear their personalized message from Santa Claus. If they cannot hear music playing at this website then we suggest that they download a copy of the newest version of Real Audio Player.

Fill out the form below and click the print button on your web-browser. Then send it along with a cheque or money order to:

Santa's Christmas Messages
291 Champlain Avenue
Sydney,Cape Breton Island
Nova Scotia, Canada
B1P 6P9

No Anonymous Messages

We have to know who you are. This information will not be distributed to a third party and will be provided to the recipient of the message only upon request.

Please Note

Santa's recorded messages are approximately one minute long. All messages will appear within 10 days of receipt of this order form. You will be notified by email when your message appears. The earlier you place your order the earlier your message will appear. All messages will be removed from the server in January.

One Message: $16.00
Two Messages: $24.00


Our Special Information Areas

Three Special Messages:

In this area we want you to tell us: What do you want Santa to tell the recipient (eg: Were they naughty or nice? That you love them?)

Three Pieces Of Special Information:

In this area we want to know if there is something special about the recipient that Santa should know about or mention? If you want Santa to mention any special personal information such as an a mutual friend, Aunt, Uncle, Brother or Sister then this is where you do it.

All Cheques & Money Orders Must Be Made Payable To
Duncan Wells

Enclosed is for One Santa Message
Enclosed is for Two Santa Messages

Recipient Information

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Three Special Messages:

ie: I'm pregant? I love you? I wish you were here? I want to marry you?

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ie: The name of a pet? An activity the recipient enjoys? They are bald?

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Personalized Message From Santa Claus

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