Duncan Wells

“Give a child a word to rhyme
and they will give you back a song”

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Welcome to a contact page that was designed specifically for Parents, Teachers and Children who are interested in original music for the young and the young at heart. All of the following webpages are explained on this page so you will not be fooled into wasting your time visiting a site you are simply not interested in. We hope you find something that interests you and we thank you for visiting

  • CCSN‘S PARENT/TEACHER PAGE: Here is a page that consists mainly of contacts for Parents and Teachers who are interested in finding new music for their children and students. Sponsored by The Canadian Children’s Songwriter’s Network, The Parent/Teacher Page was designed to promote professional Canadian Children’s Recording Artists. Many of those listed are not well known but be assured that each and every one of them produce high quality, entertaining and educational music that children, as well as parents and teachers, will love.

  • CCSN’S YOUNG SONGWRITER’S PAGE: This is where children can post their own original song, poem or rhyme for the world to read and enjoy. Sponsored by The Canadian Children’s Songwriter’s Network, The Young Songwriter’s Page was designed to promote and encourage writing and the sharing of ideas among children interested in writing verse.

  • THE CANADIAN CHILDREN’S SONGWRITER’S NETWORK: The Canadian Children’s Songwriter’s Network is an email discussion group for people interested in writing songs for children.

  • THE LOVE & SAFETY CLUB FOR CHILDREN: The Love & Safety Club for Children was designed to educate children on a variety of safety topics. By using music and a child's natural ability to commit fun words to memory, children learn such important skills as buckling up, looking both ways, bicycle safety, fire safety, water safety, keeping bad secrets and much more. The Love & Safety Club offers a live musical perfromance along with a teacher/student classroom program.

  • ABSULUM THE REINDEER ELF:Here is a Christmas Story for you to read to the children in your life. Absulum has to work in the reindeer barn while all of the other elves get to make toys in the comfort and warmth of Santa’s Workshop. He is not all that happy with this arrangement and cannot understand why it is he who must do all of the dirty work around the North Pole. Then one fateful Christmas Eve arrives bringing with it a blizzard that brings Santa, his sleigh and all of his reindeer crashing into a forest in the middle of nowhere. Discover the true spirit of Christmas as seen through the eyes of Absulum the Reindeer Elf and find out why Absulum was the one chosen to live in the Reindeer Barn.

  • SALLY THE MAGNIFICENT COW: Here is another story you can print and read to the children in your life. Sally does not want to spend her life in a pasture chewing on grass and swatting at flies so she leaves home to get an education in the world of people. Find out what happens when determination and dedication over-rides that which is supposed to be. Discover what Sally already knows; that it does not matter if you are a boy, a girl or even a cow. The world is yours to succeed in.

  • DUNCAN WELLS: Duncan is an award winning playwright, songwriter and children’s recording artist. Here you will discover links to much of his written work along with Real Audio samples of his recorded music. You will be able to purchase his music and will find links to many of Duncan’s projects such as The Love & Safety Club for Children and The Canadian Children’s Songwriter’s Network.