The Invisible Morrison Jeffrey

by Duncan Wells

Act Two

Scene Eleven

Father Pecker's Christmas Pagent

Music Cue: Don't Sit Under The Apple Tree - Scene: Morrison's newspaper stand

The song begins in darkness. The lights rise to another downtown scene of people going about their day to day activities. Morrison is seen tearing down the recruitment poster, the war is over. Upon the fade of the song the downtown begins to clear leaving Missus Jeffrey chatting with Morrison.

Missus Jeffrey: Morrison you do remember that you have to baby sit tomorrow night.

Morrison: Uh huh! I gon' be there at 6 0'clock sharp, Mumma!

Missus Jeffrey: Missus Smith says that Tessa is so excited that you're coming over to mind her.

Morrison: Tessa issa good little girl Mumma. She nice. She smart. An' she go to bed when I tell her to.

Missus Jeffrey: Well her mother can't say enough about you. Since her daddy got killed overseas things have been extremely rough.

Morrison: I know! Iss sad Mumma. War issa bad thing…iss bad!

Missus Jeffrey: Well, dear you don't have to concern yourself with it.

Morrison: But I worry 'bout Tessa.

Missus Jeffrey: I know you do dear.

Morrison: She got no daddy. It not fair. It not right.

Missus Jeffrey: Tessa likes you a lot.

Morrison: I like her too Mumma. She a goo' girl an' when I go tomorrah I gon' bring papah an' make a photograp' of her an' we gon' draw an color pictures cos dat what she like to do. She like to draw an' color.

Enter the ladies and Tessa. She runs immediately to Morrison. They embrace both go behind the counter of his stand.

Tessa: Morrison!!

Morrison: Tessa!!

Missus Gordon: I can't believe it! I just can't believe you would behave like that!

Missus Smith: Oh stop it.

Morrison: Got your node!

Tessa: Give me back my nose!

He runs into his shop. Tessa follows.

…I said give me back my nose!

Missus Gordon: I just can't - I - I've never been so embarrassed in my life.

Missus Smith: He didn't say anything so why should you?

Missus Jeffrey: Where on earth were you two? I've been here for 20 minutes.

Missus Smith: We were talking to the new priest. He's a real sweetie pie.

Missus Jeffrey: Father Peck?

Missus Gordon: Yes, Father Peck. But, of course this one….

Missus Smith: Will you stop it?

Missus Gordon: This one referred to him as Father Pecker.

Missus Smith: It was a slip of the tongue.

Missus Gordon: It was not a slip of the tongue and you know it.

Missus Jeffrey: Why do you do these things?

Missus Smith: It was a mistake.

Missus Gordon: It was not a mistake. You did it twice.

Missus Smith: I only said it once. The first time I said it, it was a mistake. The second time I said it you only imagined I said it.

Missus Gordon: What?

Missus Gordon: You heard me. You imagined it.

Missus Gordon: Would you listen to the poppycock coming from you.

Missus Smith: It's true.

Missus Gordon: You're so full of…

Missus Jeffrey: Will you two stop you're arguing?

Missus Gordon: It was embarrassing.

Missus Smith: I wasn't embarrassed.

Missus Gordon: The devil himself couldn't embarrass you. You imagine, a man of the cloth and you going on like that.

Missus Jeffrey: I heard he was a wonderful piano player.

Missus Smith: Who?

Missus Jeffrey: Father Peck.

Missus Gordon: What, you didn't know? Humph! I'm surprised.

Missus Smith: Well he only took over from Father Alphonse three Sundays ago for God's sake.

Missus Jeffrey: I heard he was an accomplished piano player at that…very talented

Missus Gordon: He certainly is. He's taken charge of looking for people to take part in this years Christmas pageant too.

Missus Smith: Christmas pageant?

Missus Gordon: Yes! Christmas pageant. Weren't you paying attention when he asked us if we would like to be a part of the caroler scene?

Missus Smith: Is that what he was talking about when he asked if we wanted to join his choir of angels?

Missus Gordon: Well, what did think he was doing?

Missus Smith: I'm not sure. I heard him refer to us as angels and thought it was just his way of complimenting our beauty.

Missus Gordon: Oh for the love of God. You're so stupid.

Missus Smith: He sure is getting a jump on things. I mean Christmas is four months away.

Missus Jeffrey: There's no point in waiting until the last minute.

Missus Smith: No, I suppose not. Hmmm! And when did he say choir practice was?

Missus Jeffrey: Wednesday evening at 7 PM

Missus Gordon: How do you know that?

Missus Jeffrey: Morrison went last week.

Missus Smith: What, Morrison's in the Christmas pageant?

Missus Jeffrey: He certainly is. Aren't you Morrison!

Morrison: Morrison sing in the caroler he...he sing the low part. I sing "way down low"….jus' like dat. "Way down low!"

Missus Jeffrey: He really enjoys it to, don't you dear.

Morrison: Uh huh an' Mumma gon' join too right Mumma?

Missus Smith: What, you're joining the Christmas Choir?

Missus Jeffrey: I was considering it.

Missus Smith: Well if you're going to be one of Father Pecker's choir angels then so am I.

Missus Jeffrey: Suit yourself.

Missus Gordon: And will you stop calling him Father Pecker.

Missus Smith: I didn't say Pecker, I said Peck.

Missus Gordon: You did not.

Missus Smith: I did so.

Enter Patricia the maid

Missus Jeffrey: Shush! Shush! Will you two stop it? Here comes Mister Hayworth's maid.

Missus Smith: Well, isn't that interesting. Mention the word pecker and look who arrives out of nowhere.

Missus Gordon: Oh wonderful! Here she goes again.

Missus Jeffrey: Hello Patricia.

Patricia: Hello Missus Jeffrey.

Missus Gordon: Hello dear, how are you?

Patricia: Missus Gordon, I haven't seen you for so long. You look wonderful!

Missus Gordon: Oh, thank you dear. That' s so nice of you to say.

Patricia: My dad was just mentioning your name the other day. You haven't been around.

Missus Gordon: I've been so busy lately doing this and that, you know. Now, you be sure to tell him that I said hello.

Patricia: I certainly will.

She turns to leave

Missus Smith: Patricia dear. How are you?

Patricia: Hello Missus Smith. I'm fine. Thank you for asking.

Missus Smith: (Slides over) Have a seat dear. Take a load off.

Patricia: Well actually I'm doing some shopping for Mister Hayworth. I've been gone for close to an hour and I have to be getting back.

Missus Smith: Some shopping for Mister Hayworth? Hmmmm! Buying him a little gift are you?

Smith smirks. The other two glance at Smith

Patricia: Pardon me?

Missus Smith: A gift. You're buying Mister Hayworth a gift?

Patricia: No I'm not.

Missus Smith: No?

To the others

She says no.

Missus Gordon: Will you stop that?

Patricia: He's my employer Missus Smith. He asked me to pick up a few dress shirts and some stationary supplies for an out of town business trip.

Missus Smith: Oh, out of town. I see! Now dear tell me, would you be going out of town with him on this business trip or is it be his wife who would be going with him?

Missus Gordon: Greta?

Patricia: I'm his maid Missus Smith. I'm not his secretary.

Missus Smith: Ah yes that's right. It would be his secretary wouldn't it. If anyone was going with him, it would be her.

Patricia: (Curt) Well, I really must be going.

Missus Smith: Just shirts?

Patricia: I beg your pardon?

Missus Smith: Just shirts?

Patricia: What do you mean, just shirts.

Missus Smith: No socks? No underwear?

Patricia: What are you talking about?

Missus Gordon: Will you leave the girl alone? Patricia dear, you pay no attention to her. She's just being rude.

Patricia: (stern) Missus Smith, I'm not sure what you're trying to do but I certainly don't think it's funny. I'm picking up a few dress shirts. Period! That is what Mister Hayworth instructed me to do and that is what I'm doing.

Missus Smith: Well, see, I'm confused…

Missus Gordon: Will you stop it!

Patricia: Missus Smith, are you implying something?

Missus Smith: Implying something? Oh goodness no! Implying something indeed! Imagine! I have no idea what you're talking about dear.

Patricia rolls her eyes.

Patricia: I'm sorry Missus Smith, but I don' t have time for this. Good day!

She begins her exit

Missus Smith: But I was simply asking….

Patricia: I said, good day Missus Smith!

She exits while Smith is still talking to her

Missus Smith: I mean in most cases when a husband wants something like clothing purchased he usually asks his wife and seeing that you're not his wife, one can only wonder why -

Missus Gordon: For the love of God, will you please shut up?

Missus Jeffrey: Yes, shut up! She's gone. You can stop now.

Missus Smith: Ahh yes. She's gone. There she goes! The merriest little maid in town.

Missus Gordon: What are you talking about?

She removes binoculars from her purse and puts them to her eyes

Missus Smith: Ha! You know ladies, binoculars are a wonderful thing.

Missus Gordon: Are you going to tell me what your talking about or not?

Missus Smith: I saw them, you know. I saw them both.

Missus Jeffrey: Who?

Missus Smith: I saw them having sex.

Missus Gordon: Who? Hilton Hayworth, and Patricia? Oh you did not!

To Missus Jeffrey

What a liar!

Missus Jeffrey: Greta Smith, if Hilton Hayworth knew you were spying on him you'd be in big trouble.

Missus Smith: Spying? I'm not spying on anyone.

She puts away her binoculars

I'm just an old lady with a pair of binoculars.

Missus Gordon: You liar! Patricia Gallant is a wonderful young woman. I know her parents, and I know her, and I know for a fact that she wouldn't be involved in such a thing.

To Missus Jeffrey

Hilton Hayworth, you imagine! Yuck!

To Missus Smith

Patricia is a lot smarter than that.

Missus Smith: She's not that smart, and neither is he. They don't even think of closing their blinds, that's how stupid they are.

Missus Gordon: You're making this up.

Missus Smith: No I'm not. I saw them from my kitchen window. Through the trees and across the field…I have a perfect view of his office.

Missus Gordon: Oh you do not! This is just another one of your lies.

To Missus Jeffrey

Pay no attention to her, she's lying.

To Missus Smith

Liar, liar!

Missus Smith: It's true. I saw them.

Missus Gordon: Pants on fire!

Missus Smith: Suit yourself. Believe whatever you want to believe, but it's true. I saw them having sex.

Missus Gordon: You should be ashamed of yourself, telling lies like that. You know it's not true, I know it's not true…what an awful thing to be saying. It's the same as the time you told us your daughter was marrying a doctor.

Missus Smith: Well, he worked in a hospital.

Missus Gordon: He worked on a hospital. He's was a carpenter for God's sake.

Missus Smith: On a hospital, in a hospital; what's the difference?

Missus Gordon: Oh, I just can't…I…I just can't talk to you! You're just so stubborn.

Tessa approaches with licorice and a coke

Tessa: Nana! Nana! Nana! Look at what Morrison gave me.

Missus Smith: Oh my God! Morrison, what did I tell you about filling her up with candy?

Missus jeffrey: Morrison, what did Missus Smith tell you?

Tessa: I ate five chocolate covered marshmallows too!

Morrison peeks out from his behind his counter, then hides.

Missus Smith: Morrison, I hope you're happy! Now you've ruined her supper.



Lights fade on Scene Eleven and rise on Scene Twelve - even transition.

Scene Twelve

Morrison Jeffrey On Morrison Jeffrey

Music Cue: Accentuate The Positive - Scene: Tessa's house.

Morrison is baby sitting Tessa. She is crouched on the floor around a coffee table drawing and coloring. She is singing a capella, Accentuate The Positive.

You got to accentuate the positive And eliminate the negative Latch on to the affirmative Don't mess with Mister In-Between

Morrison enters with a glass of milk and a cookie on a saucer. He joins in the song with her while dancing across the floor to where she is situated. He crouches down with her and continues work on a sketch.

Morrison: Tessa, look up, K?

She looks at him and smiles then goes back to her coloring.

Morrison: T'ank you!

Tessa: Mommy's going to be home soon so, you should put your picture away so she won't see it.

Morrison: It be alrigh'. I gon' be finished soon anyway.

Tessa: See what I drew? It's a house with you and me and my mommy and your mommy and Missus Gordon and Nanny.

Morrison: Who dat?

Tessa: That's Father Pecker.

Morrison: Iss Father Peck, Tessa. It not Father Pecker, iss Father Peck

Tessa: But Nana says his name is Father Pecker.

Morrison: Well, it not Father Pecker, iss Father Peck an' your Nana shoon be tellin' you dat cos it not true an' you jus' a lidda girl an' lidda girls don't needa be hearin' no lies like dat. K?

Tessa: Ok.

Morrison: Now you color inside a' lines an' make it good, K?

Tessa: I'm going to color Missus Gordon's dress green.

Morrison: The green crayon iss broke.

Tessa: Then I'll color it red.

Pause. While she colors and he sketches, Morrison initiates their song. They sing the song twice and happily.

Morrison: Who da pretty little baby

Tessa: Tessa is the pretty baby's name

Morrison: I never break her heart

Tessa: I hope we never part.

Both Of Them: Cos we don't like the parting of the ways.

Tessa: I like that song.

Morrison: That's only beca' it all about you.

Tessa: Yeah, I know! And you're a good singer too.

Morrison: Tank you.

Pause as Tessa continues coloring and Morrison continues sketching her.

Tessa: Morrison?

Morrison: Uh huh ?

Tessa : How come you talk funny?

Morrison: Iss cos I was born this way.

Tessa: You were born talking funny?

Morrison: No, silly! I din know how to talk when I was born.

Tessa: Me neither. I had to learn. (Pause) Becky Lynn's mommy says it's because you're retarded.

Morrison responds matter of factly

Morrison: Retarded iss not a nice word Tessa. You shoon say dat to people, K?

Tessa: Ok.

Morrison: It hurt when people say dat bout me 'cos I'm not crady….an' even if I was crady people shoon say it. It not nice.

Tessa: Then what are you?

Morrison: I'm nuttin'….I'm jus' Morrison Jeffrey...dat's all. Like you be Tessa….I be Morrison. Dat's all! Now you color your picture on accounta you got to go bed soon.

Tessa: But I don't want to go to bed now!

Morrison: I din say now! I said soon.

Tessa: But I don't want to go to bed soon either.

Morrison: You just color your picture an' be good.

Tessa: But I don't want to go to bed.

He points his finger at her

Morrison: Tessa! You pay attention to me. You hear? When I say you got to go to bed then you got to go to bed, K?

Pause. She's not happy. She colors with an attitude.

An' don' you be goin' on pretendin' to be all mad an' not talkin' to me eitha'.

Pause. No response.

Humph! You know da rules, now stop actin' mad.

Pause. No response.

I said stop actin' mad.

Tessa sighs in frustration. Pause. As he sketches he watches her color. He realizes she's not pleased with him. He shakes his head.



Yoo hoo, Tessa?


Morrison: Who the pretty liddle baby?

She doesn't look up. She doesn't respond. He tries again.

Morrison: Who the pretty liddle baby?

Pause. She gives in with a sigh.

Tessa: Tessa is the pretty baby's name

Morrison: I never break her heart


I said…I never break her heart.

Tessa: I hope we never part.

Both Of Them: Cos…we don't like the partin' of the ways.


Tessa: I'm all finished. Look!

Morrison: Iss beau'iful!

Tessa: Thank you!

Morrison: You stay inside alla da lines too. An your Nana dress iss just like the one she wears. Iss really, really good!

Tessa: Thank you! And do you notice anything else?

Morrison: Uh huh! I notice dat it time for you to go to bed.

Tessa: Awwww?

Morrison: Now you go get ready cos your Mumma gon' be home soon an' she be mad at me if you still up.

Tessa: Tsk! Oh alright!

Morrison: Gimme hug.

She does

Tessa: Are you going to wait and read me a story.

Morrison: Your Mumma gon' read you a story. K?

Tessa: I like it better when you read to me.

Morrison: Alright. If your Mumma not home by the time you ready I read you a story, K?

Tessa: Oh boy!

Morrison: But dat mean you gotta hurry an' get ready for bed, K?

She begins exit and stops

Tessa: I love you!

Morrison: Yeah, yeah, Morrison love you too! Now go!

She begins exit again and stops

Tessa: And you're my very best friend too!

Morrison: You go now! Get ready 'fore your Mumma comes.

Tessa: I'm going! I'm going!

She exits.

Lights fade on Scene Twelve and rise on Scene Thirteen - even transition.